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Our shop has some of the most creative designs and distinguised domain names for sale. You have the ability to purchase a design by itself or a design and a premium domain as a package.

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Secure Payment
Secure Payments

Our website is secured by SSL and the payment process is handled by reliable merchant processing.

Secure Payment
Multiple Payment Methods

Our payment gateway accepts all major debit & credit cards and PayPal.

Secure Payment
Quality First

We only allow great quality designs and domains to be listed in our marketplace.

Secure Payment
Dedicated Support

Our customer support team is here to help guide you through the buying and selling process.

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The Buying Process

Purchasing a design and domain can be explained in 3 steps. The Shop makes it easy to secure the foundation for your brand's online presence.

Step #1

Make an Offer or Buy it Now

There are three listing types available: Make Offer, Buy it Now, and Buy it Now with Installments.

Some sellers will allow for one or more of these options. If an item has a make offer option you can make an offer on the listing and then negotiate with the seller to hopefully arrive at an agreeable price. If there is a Buy it Now option (with or without installments) it is possible to purchase the item immediately for the listed price.

Uncover Logo $3,000

Step #2
Uncover Logo $1,000

Pay for the Item

Once an agreement is reached you will then have the ability to pay for the design and/or domain.

Our secure payment platform allows for a multitude of payment methods. If you have agreed to an installment plan you will be automatically charged every month until all of the installment payments have been collected.

Step #3

Receive your Item

After we receive your payment we will then proceed to deliver the item to you.

We will first need to receive the item from the Seller. Once the item is in our secure holding account we will then transfer the rights to the design and/or domain to you.

deleading Logo $5,250